Rugged Red Island revealed…

Oh… wow….

Oppy has sent back some more images of the meteorite “Red Island”, from a lot closer, and they are every bit as !!!!! as I expected they would be.

Let’s look at it in good old fashioned black and white first- I’ve sharpened and enhanced these images to bring out details, so don’t worry if they don’t look exactly like the ones you’ll see in NASA press releases or on other websites. (Not saying mine are better, by the way, just different!)

Oh boy… we can start the countdown to some tin foil hat wearing numptie announcing that NASA has photographed a martian pig skull on Mars right now…! 🙂

Now that’s pretty impressive, don’t you think? A few features jump out: the strange, sharp-edged “vein” or seam down on the lower left there… the deep cavity near the middle, and all those sharp-looking nubs and “thorns” just to the cavity’s right. Absolutely fascinating. And then there’s this view, which has to be my favourite…

That’s just… bizarre. I called Red Island ugly the other day. I was wrong. It’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful, bizarre slab of contorted and twisted, tattered and torn metal that is a genuine martian treasure. I’m so glad Oppy spotted it – and even more glad that her drivers and science team chose to go take a closer look.

Ok, now the colour views…

Beautiful, just beautiful…

And finally, the obligatory 3D view. Got your glasses ready? Ok…

One day, in the far future, that meteorite will be plucked off the surface of Mars and taken away. One of two things will happen to it then. It will either be put on display in a martian Museum, in a beautifully lit display case – maybe even next to “Block Island”, “Shelter Island” and the other meteorites Oppy found – for everyone to see and marvel over, or it will be kept by an individual collector, for their own personal and private enjoyment. Maybe it will be sent – or smuggled! – back to Earth, for some Terran collector with money to burn to put on display in their office, or mansion… I don’t know…

But that meteorite is going to be heaved off the ground in the future, and taken away, like treasure.

Which is exactly what it is. 🙂


Update: after some more messing about, here’s the best “portrait” of “Red island” I’ve been able to come up with…

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