A (slightly) closer look at “Whateveritis”…

I was slightly surprised when I got up and went online this morning, to find that the latest batch of pictures sent back by Oppy show that she has actually driven past the large “Whateveritis” she spotted a few sols ago… You can see it at the top of this picture, to the left of the robot arm, and Oppy’s tracks, suggesting the rover has driven right past the rock…

My first thought was “Fine, that’s that, then…” Perhaps the rover team had decided that Whateveritis is nothing special, and have opted to just keep heading for the hills. Which would be a little disappointing for a meteorite hound like me, eager to see every fallen star stone en-route to Endeavour, but hey, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, and a much bigger prize is waiting for us, just there, on the horizon –

Then a couple of my fellow UMSF members pointed out that Oppy might just be positioning herself for a proper look at the meteorite, and may yet drive back to it. After all, she’s currently driving backwards, so that might be why the meteorite appears to be “behind” her on that pic – she’s now going to drive towards it, and give it the full imaging treatment..?

We should know more tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s a tweaked pic showing Whateveritis from fairly close by, taken as Oppy scooted past…

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