A change of scenery…

Oppy is now well and truly on “the Pavement”, the area of Meridiani between Victoria Crater and Endeavour Crater that is dominated by patches of exposed bedrock. It’s going to be great driving country because of its lack of dunes, and I think we can expect Oppy to start clocking up some impressive 100m+ drives now.

Here’s the terrain Oppy was driving over a couple of weeks ago…

You can see it’s dominated by dust dunes and ripples, with hardly any exposed rock visible. Now look at one of the latest pics from Oppy…

What a difference! 🙂

So, where is Oppy now..?

…and where are we going? Well, I think we might, possibly, perhaps, be heading down to that cluster of craters mentioned in a previous post…

But back to the change in scenery. Here’s a 3D view showing Oppy’s new surroundings. It really brings home the difference in the ground she’s driving across…

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