A year of driving…

Oppy has been “heading for the hills of Endeavor” for quite a while now, more than a year in fact. During that time, her view has changed very, very slowly, a tiny amount each day, so little that it’s hard to see just how dramatically our view of Endeavour has changed. The only way to really do that is to compare our view now, with the view we had a year ago.

I know what you’re thinking: if only someone would take the time to find a picture taken a year ago, and put it with a picture taken now, so I could compare the two…

Oh alright, here you go…

Oh wow… look at that… look how big the hills are now! Now we can see That Crater on the far side, and a lot more detail too. But you know what would really show up the difference? An animation of some kind, flicking between the two views…

Oh, go on then, I’ll treat you… click on this next image…

You see? That’s it, right there, that’s why I love the Mars rovers so much – their mission really is all about watching the hrizon change, about seing new features drift into view and grow larger and loom closer before our eyes…

Imagine the view we will have of the hills in a couple of months’ time? Imagine the view we’ll have in six months’ time! Imagine how much bigger That Crater will look then, how much detail we’ll see on the ridges, slopes and summits of that huge crater’s rim!

Don’t go anywhere. It’s going to be amazing… 🙂

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