More features becoming visible on the far rim..?

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure, but I think there might be…

Mars image processor extraordinaire Damien deBouic posted a new colourised panorama over on the forum earlier today, and it’s an absolute beauty, showing some great detail and structure on those faraway hills. Damien has said he’s happy for me to use his images here on my blog, so here it is… obviously you’ll have to click on it to bring up the full size version…

Now… as regular readers of this blog will know, as Cape York, Oppy’s “landfall” feature, is stubbornly refusing to show itself, I’m becoming increasingly interested in the FAR rim of Endeavour, which is dominated by THAT crater which still hasn’t got a name yet (more on that later). So, looking at Damien’s latest panorama I naturally looked first at the region of the far rim with that crater… and noticed some hints of other features on that far rim, too… I think… I’m not sure, at all, and I’m quite prepared to be proved wrong, but there’s something there. “A” we already knew about, of course, but “B” and “C” are new I think. Anyway, take a look, see what you think…

Those features stand out even more clearly if you stretch the landscape vertically…

After a lot of rooting about with Google Earth and various other websites which display images from Mars missions, I’m thinking that “B” and “C” might be real, and that they’re both craters on that far rim of Endeavour. Here’s what, and where, I think they are…

As I said, I might be wrong. But if we really are starting to see more features on that far rim, it’s going to make the next few weeks and months even more exciting, as the faraway hills begin to loom larger and come into much clearer view… 🙂


James Canvin, another of UMSF’s magical image makers, has pointed out that my “C” feature doesn’t align properly with the feature shown on orbital photos – and also showed me I’d somehow missed a genuine feature that is just starting to appear over the horizon!

To reveal this feature – another, smaller crater – James “stacked together” two images taken by Oppy using different filters. The result is a much clearer, “cleaned up” view… and yep, there it is, another of those farside craters…

How did I miss that?!?!?!

Anyway, thanks, James, appreciate you setting me straight. That means that this is – probably! – what we’re seeing now…

I’m still not sure about “D” to be honest, but that’s part of the fun isn’t it? Learning as we go along! 🙂

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