The craters OF Endeavour…

One of the things I’m looking forward to most as Oppy drives across Meridiain is an improving view of the far side of the mighty crater. Why? Because images taken from orbit, by the HiRISE camera, show that the steeply sloping far wall of Endeavour is pocked with impact craters of various sizes, evidence that it has been battered and bombarded by space debris in its history. And although we’ll never reach that area, the closer we get to this side of the crater crater the clearer our view of the far side’s impact craters will be… and I think that once we reach Cape York there will be an amazing view on the horizon, I really do.

This is our view of the cratered part of the farside wall at the moment. If you’re a regular visitor to this blog then you’ll know that we can already, very clearly, see the largest impact crater, even from a year’s drive away… I’ve ringed it in yellow, if you’re not quite sure which feature I’m talking about…

Looking more closely at that area, by enhancing the contrast, the large crater stands out more clearly…

Oh, I wisd someone would give that crater a proper name! It would make things SO much easier!! 🙂

Here’s a mosaic and colourised image I made from zoomed-in crops of a HiRISE image of Endeavour’s eastern side…

Now… you can see, over to the largest crater’s right, some smaller craters. Will they start to show themselves to Oppy soon? I hope so!

And right at the end of that “crater chain” is what looks like a multiple impact site, as if a hail of objects slammed into the crater slope there, leaving behind a cluster of craters…

That far wall is a fascinating, tantalising place in its own right… and seriously, I can’t wait to see the craters on that far wall pop into view, and then get clearer and clearer as Oppy advances upon Endeavour in the sols, weeks and months ahead..!

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