Look, and learn…

Oppy is now parked up at Cambridge Bay, and could be here a few days while she enjoys a well-earmed rest and does some serious rock-grindy science. The rocks of Cambridge Bay certainly look appetising to a science-hungry rover. Here’s my latest colour view…

Click on that image to see all the layers and plates here in all their glory on a full size version…

On the horizon, Oppy’s view of the faraway hills has improved again, after being spoiled recently by Oppy’s descent into something of a dip in the local topography. Now we can see details on the crater’s far rim again – and again, clicking on this image will bring up a larger version…

If you use some clever Photoshop trickery to stretch the image vertically, you can see subtle, hidden details on that horizon more easily…

Wow… just think if the hills really were that jagged and dramatic!

Meanwhile, Oppy has taken another self-portrait – not deliberately, just worked out well – and I don’t know about you, but in this one I think she looks pretty mean and menacing…

Oppy’s either armoured-up or got a pair of shoulder pads that Alexis Carrington would be proud of…!

Come back soon to check for close-up pics of Cambridge Bay’s rocks, they shouldn’t be long now.

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