Oppy takes a breather…

After driving quite hard for the past week or so, Oppy is having a bit of a rest at an area of bedrock called “Cambridge Bay”. In the past 3 days alone she’s covered 126m – the last drive being a “bump” of just 5m to place her closer to an interesting part of the exposed bedrock in order to do some science while she takes a breather and rests her smoking wheels…!

Here’s where we are now…

And if you look at this view you can see how far we’ve moved on from “Nowitna”, that strange, raised area I thought the rover team would want a look at but steamed right past! 🙂

In fact, Oppy is now more than 230 metres away from “Nowitna”. Shows what *I* know! 🙂

So, where’s this “Cambridge Bay” then? Well, it’s here…

… a “lilly pad” of exposed bedrock at the southern end of a straight line of exposed bedrock that seems to have got the rover scientists’ eyebrows raising. Here’s a colourised image I made of the area Oppy is studying during this “pit stop” en-route to Endeavour…

Here’s where we are… roughly…

This looks like a fascinating area, actually, with a wealth of intriguing ground features. Oppy recently passed over this very mussed up-looking area…

Of course, you’ll need a pair of those coloured 3D glasses toview that 3D image. No, the ones you somehow forgot to hand back in to the cinema attendant after watching “Toy Story 3” won’t work, I’m afraid… 😉

If you have a pair of coloured 3D glasses, you’ll be able to enjoy this 3D “self portrait” of Oppy I made from a pair of images that came back yesterday…

So… we may be here a little while. That’s ok; I think Oppy’s earned a rest, don’t you? 🙂

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