Through The Gap…

… and onwards towards Endeavour! Oppy has now sped through that bedrock gap (of course, it’s not really a “gap”, it just looks like a gap because the bedrock is light beneath the darker surface dust) and is scootling on her way.

Here’s the latest position update, courtesy of UMSF’s Tesheiner…

You can see she’s already south of that “interesting feature” I mentioned in an earlier post.. which doesn’t appear to be that interesting from Oppy’s new viewpoint (it’s the dark area beneath the horizon, between the two dark horizontal lines, at the top of this image)…

Not an awful lot to see here yet, so let’s look at the bigger picture for a moment… let’s look at just how far Oppy has come to get where she is now…

You can see her landing site at the very top of the trail, and the subsequent path she took to reach Victoria Crater. After leaving VC, she headed south, and recently turned east to line up with “Cape York”, the nearest part of the rim of Endeavour Crater…

The purple line, by the way, is the path Oppy is expected to take to the crater. It’s not going to be 1000% accurate, but it’s a good rough guide.

Here’s Oppy’s more recent route, showing how she has turned to head right for Endeavour…

After another few drives Oppy is going to leave a lot of these ripples behind, and start driving across a much flatter region. When that happens, she’ll fairly zoom along- relatively speaking! Fast for a rover! – and we should get some even better views of Endeavour’s faraway hills, so check back here regularly to make sure you don’t miss anything!

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