It’s been a long road…

All the facts and figures, the statistics and the online data pages show us that Oppy has been “heading for Endeavour Crater” for a long time now… a loooooong time. But nothing brings home just how long she’s been trekking across Meridiani – and how well she’s doing – than comparing what we could see “back then” to what we can see now. Click on the following images to see what I mean…

Here’s Oppy’s view of the “faraway hills” on Sol 1987  – which was almost exactly a year ago (August 26th to be precise…)

And look at the latest view of the same faraway hills that I made out of images taken on Sol 2322 (a couple of days ago)…

Wow, that’s something, isn’t it? 🙂 It’s even more amazing if you look at the two side by side – or “top to bottom”, University Challenge-style…

… but imagine how much better the view will be in ANOTHER year’s time!!! 🙂

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