Where ARE we?

It’s been a wee while since we took a proper look at just exactly where Oppy is the Road to Endeavour, so let’s do that now, thanks to the wonderful, wonderful Google Mars work of UMSF’s Eduardo Tesheiner, who creates special files which let us follow Oppy’s progress across Meridiani.

The last major feature we saw on the ground was the “Twin Craters” of San Antonio, so let’s see where Oppy has got to in relation to that…

And where is that in relation to Endeavour Crater itself..?

Short answer: a LONG way away! Slightly more useful answer: 10.3km away. Which is the same thing, really! 🙂

Oppy’s next big planned science stop is the crater “Santa Maria”, and that’s now just 4.2km away. Ha! We’ll be there in no time! 🙂

To finish this post, here are a couple of images I made earlier this morning. Oneshows, I think, a chink of light beaming through a gap in Oppy’s chassis and lighting up the ground below, the other is a 3D view of the rocky plated area the rover is currently studying. Enjoy!

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