Hello “Pond Inlet” – oh, goodbye, “Pond Inlet”…!

I was up early this morning, as usual, checking out Exploratorium (welcome back again, by the way, great to be able to follow Oppy’s journey via Exploratorium’s raw images pages!) for any “overnights” from Oppy, and saw some shots of what looked like a scattered pile of shattered rocks… Only took me a few minutes to turn a couple of the raws into a 3D image…

… and then a roughly colourised version…

I then learned a little later, thanks to some of my fellow UMSF forum members, that the rock pile was actually passed more than a week ago, and had been called “Pond Inlet”. So, no close-up views of these rocks, folks, they’re already far behind us. But glad I caught them and made some images – it’ll be a looong time, maybe a century or more, before human eyes see those rocks again…

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