New images – at last!

It’s been DAYS since there were any new images from Opy to look at, but finally this morning the floodgates – well, the gates! – opened, and we have some new scenery to look at…

Oppy appears to have moved onto some rather firmer ground, after her long trek through and across all those dunes. Now, dunes might look pretty to us, and make great 3D views, but Oppy would much rather have solid ground beneath her wheels, and it looks like she’s finally got some of that, as this image shows…

Here’s a 3D view…

There are some new views of the faraway hills too, but they’re not much of an improvement on what we already had…

I’ve made a couple of 3D views of the hills, but to be honest I’m not convinced there’s much of a 3D effect, we’re still a loooong way away, but see what you think…

Here’s a 3D view that definitely works…

That’s Oppy using her robot arm’s scientific instruments to investigate a “trench” her wheels dug…

But one thing caught my eye n this new batch of images – bottom left… is that just another rock, or is it a new meteorite..?

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One Response to New images – at last!

  1. Buck says:

    That top photo is eerie and impressive and wonderful all at the same time.

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