Moving on…

Oppy is moving steadily eastwards now, knocking tens of metres off her almost 12km journey each day now. Here’s where she was 2276 sols, or days, into her 90 day mission…

You can see from that chart thats’s now well and truly steaming eastwards at a steady but impressive pace. Let’s look at her recent progress from a different point of view…

Wow, “Twin Craters” seems a long time and a long way ago, doesn’t it?! And actually, it is, it’s more than two months since Oppy drove up to the pair of craters that later became known as “San Antonio”, and then drove off again, distinctly unimpressed!

Yesterday Oppy returned a new batch of images showing the faraway hills on the eastern horizon, images which I assembled into a kind of panorama… click on it to see the larger version…

More pictures soon, I’m sure, so keep checking back! 🙂

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