Heading east…

Hello! Yes, I’m still here! 🙂 I haven’t updated the “Road” recently because there has been a real dearth of pictures coming back – the image pipeline was well and truly bunged-up with Exploratorium problems here on Earth and mechanical issues out there on Mars – and also because I’ve been very busy observing, photographing and writing about “noctilucent clouds” (see my “Cumbrian Sky” blog). But pictures have started coming back in, so time for an update!

Here’s the view Oppy is enjoying of the Faraway Hills now…

Interesting detail visible on one of those hills…

What is it? Well, it was identified by my good friend ElkGroveDan over on UMSF: turns out that dark, circular feature is a small crater on the inside wall of Endeavour’s far rim…

… and a 3x vertically-stretched view…

Amazing! A crater, on the inside wall of a crater!

Ok, let’s see just where Oppy has gotten to since we last checked in on her…

Let’s put a new perspective on it…

You can see from that that Oppy is now well and truly headed east. So the final turn has been turned, and Oppy is now roving towards her ultimate goal, Endeavour Crater. Hopefully there’ll be lots more pictures in the days ahead – keep chacking back here to see them! 🙂

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One Response to Heading east…

  1. andrea says:

    How is the distance from opportunity to endeveour now?

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