Oppy Update

I freely admit that I really just skim the surface of the MER mission science here… the journey and the “pretty pictures” are fascinating enough for me… so if you want facts and figures, and hard science, best to go somewhere else.

One of the best places to go for lots of info about the MER mission is the website of The Planetary Society. That’s where you will find the blog of Emily Lakdawalla, which features MER stories as they happen, and the monthly MER Updates written by science journalist AJS Rayl, which are never less than packed with information, comments and quotes from people who actually work on the MER mission. This month’s update is no exception, and if you’ve any interest in Oppy’s trek to Endeavour (and I’m guessing you do, cos you’re here!) then you simply must read it. Where is it?

Here. 🙂

This month’s update includes, I’m proud to say, some images of mine, which you’ll recognise when you get there. 🙂

Thanks to AJS’s latest update we now know pretty much where Oppy ‘s team intend for her to make “landfall” when she reaches the Endeavour Hills… here

And when she gets there, what could we see? Well, maybe something like this…

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