Wow… look at that…

Today is a big day for Oppy, and for all of us following her epic, Lewis and Clark trek across the great Meridiani desert towards the mighty crater Endeavour. Today, for the first time on this long, long journey, Oppy can see the distant Hills of Endeavour (or, more accurately, the Hills of Iazu, a crater that lies beyond Endeavour, but for simplicity’s sake I’m classing them all together, ok?) from top to bottom, without any of the horizon getting in the way… Click on the image below for a larger version…

And here’s the view in 3D…

So, just where IS Oppy to be enjoying this wonderful view? She’s here, at the end of this kinked track leading away from her last “waypoint”, San Antonio, aka “Twin Craters”…

This is really, really exciting for Oppy fans and rover-watchers, because for the first time we can actually enjoy a proper, no obstructions view of Oppy’s ultimate – well, latest ultimate! – goal, the hills of Endeavour Crater. We can also see the hills of other craters that lie in that direction, too. This is true exploration, isn’t it? Travelling to the horizon, marvelling at the view there, then pushing on, and on, until that new horizon falls behind you and a new, new horizon looms up ahead of you…

And this view is only going to get better. Oppy is currently chugging up towards the top of a kind of raised plateau, and once she reaches the top and trundles down the other side, the horizon will really open up ahead of her and we should get a fantastic view right across the wide open plain that she’ll have to cross in order to reach Endeavour. So, over the next few days, weeks and months, we’ll see those hills get closer and closer; we’ll see more details on them; they’ll become more and more familiar.

Will Oppy reach those magical, distant hills? Who knows? But she’s on her way, and thanks to the generosity of NASA we can all, virtually, walk beside her as she rolls on her way, drinking in the beautiful view as Oppy explores this beautiful alien world.

I can’t wait!

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