Out into the sea of sand…

Oppy has now left “San Antonio” far behind, and is making her way into some pretty featureless terrain. Lots of dust dunes… more dust dunes… some more dust dunes… dust dunes, as far as the eye can see…

After a few days of nothing coming “down the pipe” from Mars, yesterday some new images finally came back, allowing me to make this panorama, showing Oppy’s wheel tracks leading away from “San Antonio”… (click on it for a larger version)…

When some more pictures come back I reckon we’ll see a lot of ripples and not a lot else. And that’s all we will see for a while – unless, of course, Oppy trundles up to another magnificent meteorite… đŸ™‚

In the meantime, a couple of 3D views of the terrain Oppy is now in… as usual, click on the images to bring up full size ones…

Love the effects of the wind on the dust visible at the bottom of that image…

And that final one shows clearly just how rippled the terrain around Oppy is now…

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