Farewell, San Antonio…

As most people predicted, Oppy didn’t tarry long at San Antonio; she’s already on her way east, heading away from the “twin craters” on the next leg of her long, long trek to the huge Endeavour Crater. But she took some last pictures before she took her leave of San Antonio, and I’ve colourised them and assembled them into a panorama, showing the crater(s) in all their ancient glory…

If you click on that you’ll see a larger version, but if you want a REALLY large version – which you can scroll back and forth across, taking in the view properly – then I’ve posted a multi-Mb image over on Twitpic, which you will find here:


Before taking that final set of images, Oppy took, and sent back, a few bits and pieces, so let’s have a round-up of some recent pictures…

That’s a large rock that Oppy spotted just inside the crater. I did wonder if she’d edge closer for a more detailed look, but clearly the rover team didn’t think it was interesting enough to delay their departure.

I made some 3D views of the rover itself, too…

I love it when one of the rovers takes a self portrait! 🙂

Before Oppy left San Antonio, she did one of her fancy wheelabout turns, effectively drawing a circle in the sand…

Expect to see that visible on a HiRISE image some time in the future… 🙂

So, where are we now? Well, the last update I received – via UMSF’s Tesheiner’s fantastic maps and Google Mars files – showed Oppy here…

… south and east of San Antonio. She’s probably moved on a little more since then, but that will keep until the next post.

In closing, let’s see how far we’ve come, and how far there is left to go…

The little flag shows Oppy’s landing site, “2199” shows Oppy’s last charted position… and you can see how far away Endeavour is…

But we’re on the road again, and there are, I’m sure, more exciting discoveries ahead!

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