Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we –

No, we’re NOT there yet – “there” being the “Twin Craters” that are the next stop on Oppy’s trek across Meridiani Planum. She’s making good time as she heads south and away from Concepcion Crater, but it’ll be a good week and a half – maybe two weeks – until she pulls up alongside her next target.

So, where are we..? Here, I’ll show you…

At the top there is Concepcion. At the bottom, the “Twin Craters”. You’ll see that Oppy is, what, a third of the way between the two?

Let’s look at how far Oppy has come in total…

On that picture, taken from Gioogle Mars, you can see Oppy’s landing site at the very top left. Follow the line leading away from it and you’ll come to Victoria Crater… Follow the line again and you’ll come to Concepcion Crater… now see where it says “2183”? That’s where Oppy is now.

But what is she seeing? She’s seeing this…

Dust dunes. Lots of them. In all directions.

Maybe we’l find another meteorite soon…?

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