Farewell Concepcion…

After several weeks of studying and photographing, Opportunity has drive away from Concepcion Crater, and is now heading south-west towards her next target – a “joined at the hip” pair of craters, several times larger than Concepcion.

This is the image that appeared on my screen this morning and told me that Oppy had left Concepcion behind:

Click on it and you can see Concepcion on the horizon behind Oppy. Here’s a 3D view…

So, that’s it. Farewell, Chocolate Hills, and all the other fascinating rocks of Concepcion. Here’s my “last view” colourisation of the crater… As usual, click on it to bring up a full size image.

So… where next? I can show you using the “Mars” option on Google Earth, and some other whistles and bells from my friends over on UMSF…

If you click on the image above to bring up the large version, you’ll see a little red mark at the top. That marks the location of Oppy’s next driving target – a pair of craters known to UMSF’s space enthusiasts as… um…  “Twin Craters”. Here’s a view of the craters using Google Earth…

That’s a bit vague, a bit blurry, so let’s take a closer look. The next image compares Concepcion Crater to the Twin Craters. On the top are two views of Concepcion Crater, and on the bottom are two views of Twin Craters. They are all screen grabs from the fantastic IAS Viewer which allows you to zoom in on the images taken by the HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter. On the left you can see Concepcion and Twin Craters compared at 1x and on the right zoomed in 4x. So, basically, these images let you compare Concepcion and Twin Craters at two different scales, allowing you to see their internal structure and surroundings… (oh, just click on the image, it’ll make sense when you see it!)

You can see that Twin Craters has some very interesting features inside it. Is that a ledge inside the left hand crater there? Is that a layer of exposed bedrock inside the crater on the right?  We’ll know after a few more drives – unless Oppy spots something interesting along the way… maybe another meteorite..?

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1 Response to Farewell Concepcion…

  1. Mirek says:

    That is so cool. I wonder what would those Twin Crater look like from up close. I don’t think there was ever anything like this observer by any of the space missions (any double craters during Apollo ???). The “border” between them should look interesting (higher elevation than crater walls perhaps)

    Anyway it is now one of my favorite blogs. Great 3D and info on Oppy. Thanks and keep it up.

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