Making sense of the horizon…

Yesterday I posted about how Oppy is now enjoying great views of distant hills on the horizon. But it’s a little hard to make sense of that view – all those bumps, and mounds… what are they? WHERE are they? They’re obviously the peaks of hills, but which ones..?

Thanks to James Canvin, one of the Imagemages over on – probably one of the most accomplished of all, actually – I can show you. James has spent a long time checking out the view with Google Earth’s Mars maps, and has been able to line up features on the horizon with features in the distance. James has very generously given me permission to use his chart here, so please click on the next image, and I promise you, all those bumps and lumps will make a lot more sense! 🙂

The main area which concerns us at the moment is the one over there on the right, so let’s take a closer look at that…

A lot of the features we can see aren’t actually anything to do with Endeavour, Oppy’s next goal; they’re the peaks of hills forming the rim of Iazu Crater, a smaller, sharper-edged crater beyond Endeavour! As Oppy drives away from Concepcion, and heads south and then turns east, these peaks will get more and more impressive, I’m sure.

But back to Endeavour… what can we see of it on the images returned the other day?

We can see some of the hills on Endeavour’s west rim. And again, as Oppy heads towards Endeavour, these hills will become more and more striking, and slowly but surely we’ll begin to see detail in them, just as we did with the Columbia Hills as Spirit rolled towards them, all those years ago…!

Thanks again to James for allowing me to use his brilliant chart. You can see James’ stunning Mars images here:

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