The Hills, the Hills are Calling…

Oppy is continuing her slow sneak around Concepcion Crater, but the latest images to be sent to Earth weren’t memorable for their views of layered rocks and dunes of wind-blown dust. What really caught my eye was the horizon – or, more accurately, what was visible ON the horizon…

See those bumps? Those are the hilly rims of craters further to the east – including Endeavour. Not the first time we’ve seen these features by any means, but a very nice, very clear view of them.

Lets take a look at the Bigger Picture…

That picture is actually two images stitched together to create a panoramic view, and if you click on it you’ll see a larger version which really shows quite a lot of detail in the faraway hills. Buit bland tho, just black and white, so let’s add some colour…

Hmmm… that’s smeared out some of the detail. Let’s try just combining the raw red, green and blue images and seeing what comes out…

Ugh! Those colours are HIDEOUS!! BUT, they do make some of the details in the hills stand out again, don’t you think? Let’s try a bit more tweaking…

Now, I like that! 🙂 Not “accurate”, or “realistic”, but by now hopefully you all know not everything here on my blog is going to be .

I’m really enjoying Oppy’s stay at Concepcion… but even a rockhound like me can’t help but feel restless when faced with a view like that…!

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