Making our mark…

Oppy is continuing to drive carefully around the edge of Concepcion Crater, keeping a respectable distance from the rugged rocks and jagged shards of stone that were blasted out of the ground when the crater was formed, maybe as recently as a thousand years ago; it really wouldn’t be a good idea to get one of those rocks jammed in one of Oppy’s wheels…

New images that came down from Oppy overnight (for me, anyway) show the tracks she has been leaving in the dust dunes that surround the crater.

Looking at that image I was reminded of another set of tracks.. rather older tracks…

Oppy’s tracks are barely a couple of days old. The tracks on the picture above were made 3.6 MILLION years ago, by hominid ancestors of Mankind, at Laetoli in Africa.

Click on the image below to take as closer look at this panorama I’ve stitched together, and marvel at how far we’ve come…

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