Time to take a closer look…

Oppy is now giving the Chocolate Hills some serious attention. Having positioned her robot arm above the Hills, she’s now uhe’s using its Microscopic Imager to take detailed close-up images of the rock’s flaking, crusted surface…

That looks pretty impressive in flat 3D, but look at it in 3D…

I love that view! But what is Oppy now actually seeing through mer microscopic imager? I’ve stitched together several of the MI’s images into a single mosaic, to show you… you really will need to click on this picture to see all the detail…!

You can clearly see lots of the famous “berries” embedded in the rock, and large areas of that flaky layer, too. I think Oppy will be building up a complete MI view of the surface of this rock, so don’t expect her to be moving off anytime soon.

Finally for today, before moving on to your next website in this surfing session (and thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way!), click on the next image and imagine you’re standing there, on Mars, in front of these fascinating, cracked, crumbling, ancient rocks… seeing this down by your boots…

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