Oppy takes a closer look at Concepcion’s Chocolate Chunks…

Before I update the news about Oppy’s investigations of Concepcion Crater, I want to take a moment to welcome all the new readers who have come here in the past couple of days. After Phil Plait, “The Bad Astronomer”, recommended this blog on his excellent “Bad Astronomy” blog, and it got “Boing”ed too, the reading figures for this modest little Mars rover travel journal have shot through the roof! Literally thousands more people took a look yesterday, from all around the world – so welcome, everyone, and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Oppy hasn’t driven much in the last couple of days, because the Chocolate Hills blocks are obviously far too scientifically interesting to just trundle away from. So, Oppy has been positioning herself in prepararation for doing some serious scientific examination of the Hills. As you can see from the following 3D pictures, Oppy’s robot arm – with its suite of scientific instruments on the end – is now just above the rock…

And it looks like Oppy has already started taking close-up images of the surface of the blocks with its microscopic imager…

That’s a great view of some of the “berries” on the rock.

In other views… here’s a look at the various layers visible on the Hills…

To the right of that layered, crusty rock is a more square-shaped, less exotic-looking block. Here’s my first real colour view of it…

This is a seriously fascinating area. I think we might be here for quite a few more sols yet….

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3 Responses to Oppy takes a closer look at Concepcion’s Chocolate Chunks…

  1. J. Major says:

    These are really interesting-looking rocks….almost look like petrified wood or organic material. Thanks for these images!

  2. Thanks so much for this blog. The 3D pictures in particular are phenomenal; I just happened to have a pile of cheap cardboard 3D glasses lying around in my science classroom, and was able to pass them around and give the students an immersive look at the surface of Mars. I hope you post many more as Opportunity continues her journey!

  3. Thomas says:

    Thanks for your work in creating those glorious true color and 3D views for us – it’s a great thrill to see the photos from Mars essentially only days after they were taken.

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