Oh my…

The first images that allow people like me to make approx true colour (ish) pictures of Concepcion Crater have just been posted on t’internet, and the view is… well, see for yourself… click on the picture to bring up the full size version, because trust me, you HAVE to see that…

We can clearly see the dark rocks in the “ray” that has shot away from the crater over on the far side… we can see layering in the lighter rocks around and inside the crater… it’s a stunning view –

But what’s most stunning of all is what we can see on the horizon.


Lots of hills.

The hills marking the rims of craters much, much further away than Concepcion – of Endeavour, and the impact craters beyond it… Please, PLEASE, click on the next image and then just scroll slooooooowly along it, drinking in the view…

Isn’t that something? Imagine you’re on Mars, my dear readers, standing next to Opportunity. In front of you is a great, gaping, rubble-edged, boulder strewn hole, made a thousand years ago… and on the far horizon, hills marking the rims of craters a thousand times larger than the one in front of you, and countless thousands of times older…

And people ask me why I love Mars so much… 🙂

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3 Responses to Oh my…

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  2. J Baghdanian says:

    really amazing! thank you!
    I use your image on our group, is it OK?
    also I’ll be glad if you visit us at http://groups.google.com/group/aut-ceit-astro-space?hl=en_US
    it’s obvious that the rocks are in dried mud not the only wind can make this scene.

  3. marsnik says:


    What a view! It’s so amazing to have access to breathtaking landscapes of the next world over. Thanks for your work on these, Stu. (And, when I look closely at the edges of some of the ejecta, they look layered. Is that sedementary layering, or something else?)

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