Welcome to Concepcion Crater!

We’re there! 🙂

(click on all the following images for larger versions)

So, here we are – Concepcion Crater! There are a LOT of rocks here – big and small, jagged and smooth-edged, layered and whole. Oppy could spend months here, studying them all – I’m pretty sure she won’t, tho, not now the Hills of Endeavour as looming so large on the horizon…

Let’s take a look at the scene in 3D…

Take a few moments to wander around that scene with your 3D glasses on… it’s a geological wonderland, it really is. There are some parts of it that just look too dangerous for Oppy to drive through or even near, what with all the jagged shards of rock lying around. But a few interesting things jump out right away…

Firstly, the darkest rocks are mostly grouped in a “spray” off to roughly Oppy’s ten o’clock position…

Secondly, off to the other side there’s a fantastic variety of rocks… some weird and wonderful shapes, with intriguing layering and surface details…

Finally, here’s a 3D view of one of the most interesting pieces of rock near to Oppy…

I wonder how long Oppy will be here..?

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