More Marquette Musings…

Oppy must really, really like Marquette Island – she’s been looking at it, driving around it, poking and drilling it for AGES now! Actually, I don’t mind, not one bit; while some people have complained about the length of Oppy’s stay at the huge chunk of rock – saying it’s just too long a delay on the way to Endeavour – I disagree. I know we’ve all come to think of Oppy as immortal, but the truth is that her life is limited and she could conk out literally any day, at any moment, just because something inside her twanged without warning, and that would be that. So the MER team has to squeeze every possible drop of science out of her while they can, and given the choice between driving on towards Endeavour in the hope of finding something interesting to look at, and actually examining, externally and internally, a huge chunk of ancient martian rock that fell out of the sky after being blasted out of the ground miles away, well, it’s not really a choice at all. We might never – NEVER – come across another piece of rock like Marquette Island, it could be an absolute geological freak, and the very fact that the men and women in charge of this incredibly complex, incredibly expensive machine are spending so much time and trouble attacking Marquette, with Oppy’s full arsenal of scientific weaponry, shows that it’s Something Special. We just have to trust them. And anyway, who are we to get frustrated and impatient, whining “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Hurry up!” like kids in the back of a car? We’re lucky to just be able to see the pics so quickly! Stop moaning everyone! Enjoy the ride! We’ll be on the move again When It’s Time, and not until.

Oppy’s latest work at Marquette has basically involved drilling into it with its RAT, to study the rock beneath the weathered crust. There have been no full colour sets recently, which is why I haven’t been posting any pictures, but yesterday a new triple set came down and I was able to make a colourisation from them…

I’m really quite pleased with that! It shows the colour of the rock really well, and detail within the area grinded by the RAT well, too. (Click on it to get a larger version).

In 3D, the work of Oppy’s RAT becomes even more obvious… note: this isn’t the best anaglyph I’ve ever made, I had serious alignment problems, but it gives you an idea…

Let’s look at that a little more closely…

Click on both those images to bring up full size versions.

How long will Oppy remain at Marquette Island? I have no idea. But when she eventually does move off, I’m sure she’ll make even more amazing discoveries… 🙂

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