Farewell Marquette..?

There’s a chance that she might just be manouvering to get a last look at the other side, but Oppy might be about to leave “Marquette Island” behind and head off to dusty pastures new. Photographs sent back yesterday show the rover has all but circled the rock now, and with images taken by the microscope “in the bag”, and just about all of the rock imaged, it seems the horizon is calling to our intrepid martian explorer once more…

Here’s one of the latest images sent back by Oppy…

Got your 3D glasses handy? Take a look at these (remember to click on the images to bring up full size versions)…

If we are done here, where’s next? Well, Oppy is, of course, headed to Endeavour Crater, and that’s a long, looooong way away, maybe another year’s drive away. But no doubt many more exciting ‘distractions’ lie along the route between Marquette Island and Endeavour, so we’ll just have to see what happens next..!

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