“Marquette” in colour…


WOW!!! Click on that picture to bring up a larger version… (by the way, I’m not claiming that’s ‘natural’ or ‘real’ colour… it kind of is, but I’ve messed about with enhanced and tweaked it to make it look more, well, attractive to the eye 🙂 )

Here’s a close-up of the rock itself…


Fascinating detail visible on that rock, especially at the top. Either bits have fallen off it since it landed here, or something hit it after it landed (what a heck of a shot that was, if it’s true!) knocking pieces off. There certainly looks like what appears to be smaller pieces of it scattered around, don’t you think?

I bet the MER team can’t wait to get closer for some detailed scientific study…!

Finally, I know the title of this post says “…in colour”, but here’s a crispened-up black and white pic of “Marquette” that I’ve made…


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