Where ARE we..?

If you’re wondering whereabouts we actually ARE on “The Road To Endeavour”, let me show you…

Ok, so here’s Oppy’s “trek” so far – from her landing site at Eagle Crater, all those years ago, to where she is now, approx 5km away from Victoria Crater. If you click on the image below you’ll see a bigger version.



Soooooo, two obvious questions spring to mind. 1 – where is Endeavour Crater? and 2 – how far away is it? This next pic will show you – but be prepared for a shock… again, click on it to bring up a larger version –


Yikes! Endeavour is about 12km away to the west!

When will Oppy reach Endeavour? Who knows. As the song says, It’s been a long road… getting from there to here…

(thanks to my fellow UMSFer for giving me permission to use images ctreated with his great Google Mars files)

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