Oppy taking in the sights of Shelter Island…

Opportunity has now driven almost all the way around the meteorite christened “Shelter Island” – and the ‘rear’ is, as I predicted, fascinating! This meteorite seems even more heavily eroded than ‘Block Island’, with lots of cavities, hollows carved out of it, and countless razor sharp edges and blades of nickel and iron covering it like the spines of some bizarre alien creature. Here are my latest pics. Obviously you’ll need a pair of red/blue glasses for the 3D pictures, and all the images below will enlarge if you click on them…





I really hope we’ll see some more detailed pictures of this area before Oppy scoots off again…

a3b2 crop



… and finally…

This is a real image of Shelter Island, showing the shadow of the rover’s robot arm falling across the surface of the meteorite. All I’ve done is colourised it and added what I thought was an appropriate caption… šŸ˜‰

h b d

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