Endeavour’s hills in 3D…

Some of the most recent images sent back by Oppy show the tallest hills of Endeavour Crater on the far, far horizon… you have to look pretty closely to see them, so click on the image below to bring up the full size version…


The hills are the small grey bump on the horizon at the centre. Not hugely impressive, I know, but it’s still fascinating to see Oppy’s destination while it’s so far away. Anyway, I thought I’d try a 3D pic, just for fun. Again the hills don’t show up very clearly, but as I said, it’s just for fun…


And finally, other images show how Oppy approached – and then drove away from – a small crater christened “Resolution”… and if you look REALLY closely, yep, that’s Endeavour on the distant horizon!


Small steps, Oppy… small steps…

new images of

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