Haven’t posted much here recently, sorry, but have a chance to catch up now. Oppy has been a bit tied up studying a meteorite called “Santorini” but is back on the move again now, and has been sending back some fascinating image pairs that I’ve been able to make into 3D pictures… So, get your red and blue glasses on, click on the pictures to bring up full size versions – and enjoy…!


That’s part of the rim of a small impact crater the MER team christened “Ranger”… here’s another part…


And a third section of the crater…


And here are some wider angle landscape shots… great views of the undulating dunes and rocky pavement…

N»mò¯—ÔMÒN¼Ä‘©ý?˜©~ÿŸÞ•}d	õïl|[ü•áÜùüÉ4WFy


Here’s a close-up of that interesting area to the lower left of the previous image, where there are some fascinating “razor edge” seams of material…


And finally, an unashamedly “cute” shot showing the shadows of Oppy’s wheels and chassis thrown onto the ground by the low Sun… love pics like this!


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