If they gave me the keys…

… where would I drive Oppy to, once she reached the rim of Endeavour?

Well, I’ve narrowed it down – I think – to two places. One is at the “top end” of the crater – so it would be reached sooner – and involves a bit of a climb, but would provide a good view down the opposite side of the hills, and maybe… possibly… a scrambling route down into the crater. The other place is much further south, so much further away, doesn’t involve much of a climb but doesn’t provide a route into the crater either… but I think it would offer a quite spectacular view right across the crater to the mountains on the other side… as usual, click on the images below to bring up full size versions…

1. “High Valley”


Close-up view…


2. The Ramp…



Can you imagine the view we’d get if Oppy drove to the end of that ramp and looked out across the gulf of Endeavour Crater? Imagine the pictures… crumbling cliffs to the left, crumbling cliffs to the right, and on the far horizon another mountain range – the other side of Endeavour… (PLEASE click on the next picture!)


Of course, should Oppy reach Endeavour they’ll almost certainly steer her to somewhere completely different. But it’s fun to imagine what you’d do if you were in the driving seat, isn’t it?

Where would YOU go if you had the keys..? 🙂

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1 Response to If they gave me the keys…

  1. Ben says:

    Before going to the High Valley, I would check out the sinuous trough around the N. end of the hill to determine its origin.

    The Ramp is one of the most enigmatic features.
    It almost has to be a an uneroded remnant of a a more widespread layer or lobe of some recent flow( Lava or ice)

    IMHO the blocky material exposed in the steep wall is bedrock-basalt and is not Meridiani type beds which appear to have filled the old ,eroded crater.

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