I name you…

It’s occurred to me that I can’t just go on posting unlabelled pictures of sections of HiRISE images here; that will get very confusing very soon. What we need are some labels and some names – all of which are going to be completely arbitrary and non-official and “just for fun”, of course, but they’ll do until people start the process of officially naming features around and within the crater. So, here goes… again, this is just to assist and encourage discussion, and totally just for fun, ok? 🙂

I’ve made a start by putting names to some of the small elevated regions in the NE, that appear to be remnants of Endeavour’s rim: because they seem to jut out of a sea of flat terrain I’ve christened them “North Island” and “South Island”… and the large area of rippled dust dunes futher to their north and west is, well, “Northern Dune Field”.


Further south, the crater’s “proper” mountainous rim juts up out of the Meridiani plain, but there are a couple of craters close to the mountains that I think are interesting, hence “Ghost Crater” and “Mountain View Crater”…


While we’re here, let’s have a quick look at those features in close-up…

“Ghost Crater”…


… and “Mountain View Crater”, which has a very interesting “central bar” running across it, of… what?


North Island is absolutely fascinating, I think, especially the small features at either end…


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